AirEnergy Inc.

Technologies for Quality Air:


AirEnergy, Inc. is your Georgia resource for Indoor Air Quality and solutions. We provide materials and equipment to solve a variety of air quality issues.


In Refineries and Paper Mills we provide air scrubbers filled with bulk Purafil media to protect sensitive electronics from the byproducts of their processes.


In Airports we provide filter housings that filter jet fuel odors from the outside air before it is introduced into the building.


In Museums and Archival Storage facilities we furnish special filter housings, filled with Purafil media in disposable modules, to protect antiquities and artifacts from atmospheric contaminates.


In office and classroom buildings we provide a unique filter to take advantage of the IAQ procedure of ASHRAE 62. The IAQ procedure allows the reduction of outside air provided the recirculated air is cleaned and certain contaminants are kept below prescribed levels. Another benefit of the IAQ procedure is reduced energy costs.